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About us

Welcome at

Agricultural College and Agricultural Secondary School Benešov


This state school was established more than hundred years ago and since then it has granted qualifi cation to many students. The young people who study our school can
obtain a lot of practical skills and theoretical knowledge in many subjects, which enables them to be successful in their future life. Our students also have a positive attitude to ecology and the environment.

Agricultural Secondary School offers to the graduates of Elementary school four branches of studies:


School study programme:20230426_153551.jpg
• Landscape Designing and Maintenance
• Design of Urban Greenery


School study programme:
• Business in precize Agriculture
• Equestrian Studies
• Precize Agricultural mechanization

NATURAL SCIENCE LYCÉEPHOTO-2023-09-22-15-48-58 3.jpg

School study programme:
• Science and Research


School study programme:
• Veterinary Technician
• PET Nursing

Our school also off ers three apprentice branches:




• Veterinary Assistent
• Agricultural Enterprise


The students of this branch study all common agricultural subjects and also some special subjects focused on veterinary care.
The study lasts three years and the school leaving examination includes both practical and theoretical parts. The practical training of our students is provided on our school
farm or by means of our partner enterprises, where the students can meet modern methods and technologies. The students improve their practical and theoretical skills
vocational subjects.

There is also possibility to obtain driving licence for cars, tractors and lorries.
Good knowledge of foreign languages is very important and that is why we teach two foreign languages—English and German.
There is also a great opportunity for our students to develop their language abilities abroad—our school has had for many years an active partnership with a few schools
and organizations abroad. We cooperate with these schools in the area of student exchanges, international projects, and practical training placements.
Our graduates work mainly in agriculture. However, they can also be successful in food production, related services, enterprising and many other fi elds. Good study results
of our students enable them to continue in their studies at universities. There are about 500 students studying Agricultural Secondary School and 85 students studying Agricultural College, the number of teaching staff is 70.